World Music School Open Mic

April 23, 2024
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World Music School (WMS) Open Mic at the Helsinki Open Waves 

A 40 min live show, moderated by Pedro Aibéo, chairman of the WMS at the Helsinki Open Waves in Caisa. Every 4th Wednesday of the month at 16:00 Finnish time.

The show invites musicians to talk about their work and lives and play live music. The goal is to promote local artists, preferably from foreign backgrounds and around world music. The interview is done in different languages (EN, PT, DE, ES, FR).

Ida Marie Jessen, is a Danish singer-songwriter currently residing in Helsinki, Finland,
captivates listeners with her expressive voice and unique musical style. With a background in classical singing, Ida has always harbored a profound interest in traditional music, allowing her to explore the diverse possibilities of the voice and craft her own songs. Fueled by this passion, she pursued further education in folk and global music, enriching her artistic journey.

Ida Marie Jessen

As a vocalist, Ida explores a rich tapestry of vocal colors to express musical narratives.
Drawing inspiration from her Danish Southern roots, she crafts songs in her native language
while infusing elements from traditional and contemporary genres. Ida has actively engaged in various musical projects like Kaisin, Sjælfugl and Vokalgruppen NOOR. Presently, she embarks on an exciting new chapter with her band Alterne, set to unveil their debut album on April 19th. Alterne plays atmospheric dream folk and combines elements from traditional music with modern songwriting in Danish.

Alterne invites the listeners into a dreamy landscape where innovation and tradition collide. Alterne consists of the Danish singer and songwriter Ida Marie Jessen, Belgian violinist Oscar Beerten, and Estonian accordionist Maimu Jõgeda. Alterne met during their studies at the Sibelius Academy in Helsinki, Finland, and have since developed a unique musical portrait. They deliberately blur the boundaries between folk, pop, and ambient, resulting in a timeless and distinctive expression. With traditional instruments such as violin, hardanger-fiddle, kantele, accordion, guitar, and vocals, Alterne creates an atmospheric soundscape with captivating harmonies, repetitive motifs, and virtuosic melodies.

Producer & Host: Pedro Aibéo
Guest: Ida Marie Jessen
Sound recording, editing & live streaming:  Bailey Polkinghorne

*The audio piece was recorded and edited at the Helsinki Open Waves performance & recording room located at Caisa.

**The views expressed in this audio piece and texts are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the view of Helsinki Open Waves.  

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