Words Spoken, Words Sung

September 8, 2021
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Greek Theatre Mask of Agamemnon 

This programme is an exploration of audio drama. It examines different aspects of voice and theater, of both spoken word and sung.

The guests are two career voice performers, actor Frank Boyle and opera singer Riikka Hakola.

The programme is an insightful, but lively discussion of many aspects of drama and voice performance.

Brendan Humphreys

Presenter & producer: Brendan Humphreys
Guests: Frank Boyle and Riikka Hakola
Sound recording & editing: Lucio Celomundo

*The audio piece has been recorded at the Helsinki Open Waves performance & recording room located at Caisa.

**The views expressed in this podcast and texts are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the view of Helsinki Open Waves.  

***If you have any feedback regarding the content of the podcast, please contact us via helsinkiopenwaves@gmail.com.