Spiritual Journey

November 16, 2022
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Content Warning: This episode is created for adult audiences only. In the second part of the episode, we will discuss sex-related topics.

A spiritual journey is an inward search that a person goes on to explore different sides of life and the self.

A spiritual journey can be either a personal spiritual discovery or a search for answers to life’s biggest questions.

Sometimes in the end the seeker realizes that they are one with all of life and that everything’s existence is interconnected.

Spiritual journey is an interesting concept  that can be approached by different angles, either religious and new age. This program is dedicated to interviews with different people to try to answer these questions. But not just that, also to observe what is the journey of an individual’s spirit, how can the spirit grow and develop? Should you necessarily do something specific to be happy, self-sufficient and successful on that path?

Our guest today is Kirsti Kuosmanen, actress, psychotherapist, author, sexual empowerment coach for women.

Irina Guseva and Kirsti Kuosmanen
at Helsinki Open Waves | Caisa

Here is what Kirsti is saying about her life journey.

‘’ I have healed myself from depression, panic disorder, eating disorder, sexual reluctance and the underlying traumas with the support of great teachers and therapists. I have learned the keys to a flourishing life that we ourselves can consciously create. I choose the attitude every day that life is a celebration and that we get to flourish in it. In any case, life brings challenges and sorrows, sometimes you have to deal with them effectively by acting, sometimes by thinking, sometimes by venting your emotions, crying, raging, laughing. This is how we return to balance, it is the wonderful power of life.I combine animal and spirit, reason and emotions, light and shadows. I want to support all this in myself and celebrate my nature! If you want to explore your own path, I’m happy to walk with you.’’

In this interview we will be covering the topics of theatre, negative emotions and how to deal with them, sexuality and tantra, and of course the spiritual journey.

You can find more information about Kirsti, her book and her master classes on her website https://kirstikuosmanen.com/kirsti/


Producer & Host: Irina Guseva
 Kirsti Kuosmanen
Sound recording, editing & mixing: Bailey Polkinghorne

*The audio piece was recorded at the Helsinki Open Waves performance & recording room located at Caisa.

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