August 13, 2021
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Rewşan is a singer, songwriter, violinist and composer from Istanbul, Turkey. She was educated in music, psychology and theater. She grew up in Mesopotamia with rich Kurdish and Armenian music.

Her latest album Tov (The Seed) CK Music Production& 2020, designed by combining traditional and modern instruments, is a work that can be defined in the category of ‘world music’ on the axis of ‘progressive folk music’. With its distinctive, colorful and universal style, Rewşan takes the listeners on a poetic journey to their own memory without boundaries.

Album: Ax Le Wese 
Songs: Ax Le Wese |Lo Berde |Nubar Nubar |Selimo Lawo |Sine |Oror|Sari Sirun Yar |Ximximê Torevanê

Singles: Kirasê Te |Azîzakam |Destmala Min |Bingol |Şalik Şînokê/ Mayro

Album: Tov
Songs: Ax Eman |Gulîzera Min |Gulê |Yar Bêzarê |Wext Lazim Bû |Bavê’m |Taxa Filla |Wisa Dixwazim |Dinya Haye