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This is a pilot version of the platform. Some of our activities are still under development.

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Lucien Athanase


Coordinator & Technical Department

Lucien Athanase (b. 1960, Nogent-sur-marne). I was passionate about sound design from my first steps in the world of music. I experienced the pioneering era of «free radios» – in the early 80’s. I participated as a sound technician on a program on «Fréquence Montmartre» and close to projects on «Radio Ivre», in Paris. I’ve been quickly immersed in a multi-cultural atmosphere, with an African griot and storytellers, as well as cultures and musics from all around the world and from different periods. Loaded with my experience of touring, now finding myself here, and being invested again in a cosmopolitan translingual non-profit open platform project, is a significant and special resurgence, expecting to bring together the communication means and needs of this world.