Helsinki Open Waves (HOW) is now receiving the proposals for 2021!

January 8, 2021
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We are looking forward to receiving your proposals. 

We are here to support you to produce your work.
You will own the full copyright of all the work you create at Helsinki Open Waves (HOW). We provide you with rent-free sound equipment and the studio facilities at Kulttuurikeskus CAISA.

HOW provides you:

  • Rent-free sound recording equipment.
  • Rent-free studio facilities at its “performance & recording room” located at Kulttuurikeskus CAISA.
  • The TEOSTO license for the live streamings via the HOW website only.
  • Technical supervisor for your recordings, editing,  mixing, and live streamings.
  • Visibility for your work by promoting it on the HOW social media platforms and exhibiting on the HOW website.

There are several themes introduced each month regarding different topics. You can choose your preferred theme and send your proposal(s) to  Helsinki Open Waves (HOW), via the Open Call form. 

Before you send your proposal(s), please think carefully when you select a month in the application form, your proposal will be scheduled according to your selected month in the form.  

To be able to schedule the HOW performance and recording room located at Kulttuurikeskus CAISA for you, and for the other participants in a better way, you must submit your application(s) one month in advance of the proposed start date of production of your work at Helsinki Open Waves (HOW).

For example, if you want to produce your work in April, you can send your proposals by the last day of February. In March you won’t be able to send the proposals for April. 

Helsinki Open Waves (HOW) accepts applications on an ongoing basis from January 13th to September 30th, 2021 at 16:00  Helsinki time.

You can

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact us via