Global club nights

October 20, 2023
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Live concert | ZEMIENE, Helsinki Cèilidh Band

‘’Global club nights’’ is a networking and informative club series in collaboration with Caisa Cultural Center, Helsinki Open Waves web radio, and the Global Music Department of Sibelius Academy that aims to bring together all parties involved with music. With live music, seminars, and workshops, the events attempt to create bridges between musicians, event producers, agents, venues, and music lovers, bringing down barriers and creating a safe and creative environment of free expression. In a celebration of diversity, using the tools of intercultural collaboration and specialized knowledge, we provide the possibility of a neutral and safe space for sharing and exchange of knowledge, information, wishes, and insights on the music industry in Finland, both on the part of the musician and from the business side, while most importantly, sharing it with the community.

In this live concert, we are very honoured to host two incredible music groups:


Zemiene is a group of talented musicians hailing from the Sibelius Academy’s Global Music Department in Helsinki, Finland. The quartet combines Balkan, Persian, Baltic and Nordic temperaments, stories, folk songs and other musical elements. 

 Comprising Mehrnoosh Zolfaghari, an Iranian composer, santoor, daf and dayereh player, Merve Abdurrahmani, a composer, piano player, and singer with roots from Kosovo and Finland; Ana Lazar, a Slovenian violin player; and Vija Moore, a Latvian percussionist and singer. The band has made a name for itself in the local music scene with several memorable performances around Helsinki.

Recently, Zemiene just recorded their debut EP in a studio in Järvenpää, Ainola. Drawing inspiration from the present happenings and their homeland’s folk songs, languages, nature, culture, and stories. The band’s compositions are a testament to music being a catalyst for bringing people from different cultures together. Stay tuned for more exciting developments from this talented group of musicians.

Helsinki Cèilidh Band

Helsinki Cèilidh Band is Finland’s finest cèilidh band, catering for Scottish, Irish, and English dance music. Whether you’re a Cèilidh native or you’ve never ‘Stripped the Willow’ before, Helsinki Cèilidh Band will soon have you swept up in the high jinx and fun. The band was formed in 2013 by a collective of musicians from the UK and Finland who met at the Sibelius Academy in Helsinki. Their infectious, dynamic sound has been in great demand throughout Finland ever since.​ From high-energy driving jigs and reels to groovy schottisches, the band will expertly guide you through the steps in English and Finnish language and have everyone up on the dance floor! 


Producers & Hosts: Chico Matada & Vasileios Katopodis
Guests: Zemiene, Helsinki Cèilidh Band
Live sound: Pekka Posio
Live Lights: Tony Leskinen
Live Sound recording, editing & live streaming: Bailey Polkinghorne

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