Global club nights

November 15, 2023
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Episode 7 | Magas Project

‘’Global club nights’’ is a networking and informative club series in collaboration with Caisa Cultural centre, Helsinki Open waves web radio and the Global music Department of Sibelius Academy, that aims to bring together all parties involved with music. With live music, seminars and workshops the events attempt to create bridges between musicians, event producers, agents, venues, and music lovers, bringing down barriers and creating a safe and creative environment of free expression. In a celebration of diversity, using the tools of intercultural collaboration and specialized knowledge, we provide the possibility of a neutral and safe space for sharing and exchange of knowledge, information, wishes and insights on the music industry in Finland, both on the part of the musician and from the business side while most importantly, sharing it with the community.

In this episode we are very honoured to host Magas Project:

Cinta Hermo Martin

Cinta Hermo is a Spanish-born singer-songwriter and flamenco artist who has influenced Finland for a long time. Born in Andalusia, Hermo met Sakari Kukko of Piirpauke band in Spain and joined the band as its first official singer in 1987.

Maarika Autio

Maarika is a musician, composer and songwriter, dancer. Main instruments; diatonic balafon, kora-harp and marimba. Music and dance instructor, graphic designer.

Maarika is a rare, if not unique phenomenon as a female artist virtuoso of the West- African diatonic balafon. She is not shy to try and stretch her ancient instrument’s creative boundaries into new, undiscovered dimensions.

The music she writes projects her colorful background. Distant cultural influences are entwined into a seamless musical treat. Maarika fluently mixes Nordic melodies with groovy subequatorial polyrhythms.

Maarika performs in various formations, both as soloist and a band leader.

Iliana Mejias

Iliana Mejias has studied music, playing the piano as a soloist at the Rimsky-Korsakov Conservatory in St. Petersburg. Before that, I graduated from the University of St. Petersburg, studied history and art history. At the moment, I continue with both professions. I am also preparing a doctoral thesis at the University of Helsinki, where the theme is cultural diplomacy between Finland and Russia using visual arts.

I have researched the relationship between Finland and Russia in the field of visual arts, and a few publications have emerged as a result of the research.


Producers & Hosts: Chico Matada & Vasileios Katopodis
Guests:  Cinta Hermo Martin, Iliana Mejias
Sound recording, editing & live streaming: Bailey Polkinghorne

*The audio piece was recorded at the Helsinki Open Waves performance & recording room located at Caisa.

**The views expressed in this audio piece and texts are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the view of Helsinki Open Waves.  

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