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August 11, 2022
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‘A Book Dream’ Under The Leaf Art Book Fair, Helsinki 2022

‘A Book Dream’ is an audio fanzine documenting Under The Leaf Art Book Fair at Monitoimitila O., Helsinki, 14–15 May 2022. The event was organised by Hikari Nishida of The Temporary Bookshelf, Sara Blosseville of Fetiche Editions and Kati Ruohomäki of Monitoimitila O. fugitive radio broadcast live on {openradio} from the Book Fair Party and this podcast collects conversations had with several stallholders including: 

Tuukka Kaila from Rooftop Press

Laura from Artsos (Instagram)

Sadet Hirsimäki (Instagram)

Toivo Heinimaki from UTU Press (Instagram)

Caitlan and Joni from TUO TUO project space and residency

Sezgin Boynik from Rab-Rab Press

Heini Korhonen representing Rik Art Books

Dominik Fleishmann

and Camilo Cortes.

‘A Book Dream’ also includes excerpts of performances from laura rip and Victor Gogly (bandcamp) alongside music from Silvana Mammone and Ekheo released on True Aether (bandcamp) and Archie Schepp and the Bill Dixon Quintet recorded live in Helsinki 1962.

fugitive radio is an artistic-research project initiated by Dr Sumugan Sivanesan to raise migrant, queer and anticolonial issues and music in Helsinki and beyond.

Producer & Host:  Sumugan Sivanesan

*The views expressed in this audio piece and texts are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the view of Helsinki Open Waves.  

**If you have any feedback regarding the content of the podcast, please contact us via helsinkiopenwaves@gmail.com.