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October 6, 2021
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Breaking the taboo around bacteria and vaginas

Vaginal flora consists largely of Lactobacillus. This particular type of bacteria can affect everything, from developing certain diseases to fighting infections, and from getting pregnant to having a miscarriage. If the vaginal microbiome is imbalanced, there‚Äôs a risk for developing vaginosis, a type of vaginal inflammation. Some sources say that 75% of people with a vagina will experience vaginosis at least once in their lifetime. Moreover, people from more disadvantaged groups are more likely to experience it. 

Why is then vaginal health still a taboo topic?

In this episode of Ferment Radio, we ask this and many other questions to Giulia Tomasello, a designer committed to innovating vaginal healthcare with biotechnology and interactive wearables.

Producer & Host: Agnieszka Pokrywka
Guest: Giulia Tomasello
Sound recording & editing: Lucio Celomundo
Visuals: Super Eclectic

*The podcast has been recorded at the Helsinki Open Waves performance & recording room located at Caisa & the guest had online participation.

**The views expressed in this podcast and texts are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the view of Helsinki Open Waves.  

***If you have any feedback regarding the content of the podcast, please contact us via helsinkiopenwaves@gmail.com.