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Helsinki Open Waves (HOW) is now receiving the proposals for 2021!
There are several themes introduced each month regarding different topics. You can choose your preferred theme and send your proposal(s) to Helsinki Open Waves (HOW), via the Open Call form.
WMS Open Mic
Guest: Lucky
СКАЗКИ ПРО ДЕВОЧЕК Сказка 2: "Миссис Мур и её кошки", Марго Гритт
Читает Катя Скайлар
Dušica Božović
Daughter of Immigrants & ARMA Alliance
СКАЗКИ ПРО ДЕВОЧЕК Сказка 1: “Весна”, Александра Обманец
Читает Катя Скайлар
The Contribution of Immigrant Artists to Publishing Multilingual Books in Finland
Solidaarisuuden Sillalla
AfroSpace HopRap
"What to the Slave is the Fourth of July?" speech by Frederick Douglass (1852)
Streaming on July 4th 2020 at 17:00 Helsinki time.
Gaita - de - foles ao vivo na HOW
World Music School Open Mic
Guest: Anna Dantchev
Ελληνική Ποίηση
Εάν επιθυμείς να δημιουργήσεις τη δική σου ραδιοφωνική εκπομπή στη δική σου γλώσσα στείλε την πρόταση σου μέσω της σελίδας Open Call.
Mental Klitoris / İstanbul Sözleşmesi
WMS Open Mic
Guest: João Luís
Artists at

Artists at HOW is a community of artists who contribute to HOW with their art works. We would like to thank for the contribution of artists who gifted their artworks to HOW.

If you would like to be part of Artists at HOW community please contact us: helsinkiopenwaves@gmail.com

Babel Trio

This psychotropic band from Crete climbed the high mountains and gave us a breathtaking view of the land. Filled with solid riffs, thunderous drums and awe-inspiring atmosphere, they always keeping their eyes open for the treasures of the past. They hold nothing back when they deliver their take of Cretal, the name of their unique blend of Heavy Rock, Traditional Mediterranean music, and modern lyricism. All this while keeping in touch with the pulse of the ongoing reality.

Album: Roots Electrified| Songs: Algorithms| Circular| Karouzos Dialog| Pleiades
Album: The Island of Cretal| Songs: Song For a Solitary Bird| Dervish Dance


Motel Room

Motel Room is a collaboration of five musicians who aimed to create an instrumental record, directing it towards the framework of a music score of an imaginary noir or neo-noir film in the process.

Songs: 12 Sharp| Mon Cheri | L.B.J


Band of Weeds

The Band of Weeds was founded in 2015. At first, it was a conceptual band created by Kalle Hamm and Dzamil Kamanger, and existed only on a paper. It became a real band in 2017, and started to release LPs and give live concerts.

The current members of the band are now Olli Aarni, Lauri Ainala, Kalle Hamm and Hermanni Keko featuring different plants depending on the project. All the sound material is recorded from the plants using the method developed by a Soviet botanist Ivan Gunar. There are ionised liquids running inside the plant tissues, and the changes in their electro-magnetic field can be converted to the sound range audible for the human ear.

Songs: The Vegetative Soul, Give Me Some Water, Underground Root Movement, A Garden Within A Garden, They Tried To Bury Us They Didn't Know We Were Seeds



Flora Pop

Song: Rost | Written & Performed by: Flora Pop

Rost is a song written for a Romanian documentary film that portrays traditional crafts in Romania and their very last keepers.


ahmet öğüt & fino blendax

A mix of psychedelic, retrofuturistic and synth punk combined with Electro Saz, the soundtracks offer an alternative means with which to experience the works.

Songs: Sî û Çar (Robozkê) | River crossing composed and performed by Ahmet Öğüt, Bora Akinciturk, Deniz Belendir, produced by Deniz Belendir |

HA for Nina composed and performed by Ahmet Öğüt, Deniz Belendir, produced by Deniz Belendir

https://soundcloud.com/ahmet-ogut-fino-blendax http://ahmetogut.com/ahmetwebreverb.html
Başar Ünder

Başar Ünder is an Electronic Music Artist, Composer & Performer.

Song: Love In Morse

Karen Werner

In late March 2020, a radio artist friend invited a few friends, including me, from around the world to make short audio pieces about "the state of things from where we are." This was during a tense stretch during the Corona virus pandemic. Here is my short audio postcard about the State of Things, made by the windowsill in my sublet in Bergen, Norway.


Jemina & Selina

Jemina & Selina are Finnish sisters who sing and play original songs with strong emotion and edge. 

Soulful, energetic and lyrically rich, these sisters' roots stem from the Americas folk, roots, gypsy and Finnish traditional music the two grew up around as children. Jemina and Selina are both strong singers and musicians with captivating stage presence. When they sing harmonies, it's easy to hear that they have been singing together all their lives. 

Their latest album, Rajamailla, contains original songs and was produced by New York based Tim Ries (The Rolling Stones). 

Album: Rajamailla

Songs: Pedot | Rajamailla | Kurjuuden kunnailla | Italialaiset | Suunnitelmat


Welcome! Helsinki Open Waves (HOW) launching the pilot version of the platform on the 16th of June 2020 from 3 pm- 6 pm (Helsinki time). Welcome to join us virtually ...
There are several themes introduced each month regarding different topics. You can choose your preferred theme and send your proposal(s) to Helsinki Open Waves (HOW), via the Open Call form.
Helsinki Open Waves (HOW) is a translingual non-profit, fee-free open platform that aims to design and initiate a new sustainable platform for people who live in Finland to represent themselves with their own language and culture in order to contribute to a more diverse society. Within this platform, we explore new ways for a translingual society to challenge the hegemony of monolingualism.

Erol Mintaş


Erol Mintaş (b. 1983, Kars). I have been carrying with me the passion and love for community radio and sound art since I was a child. The first moment in my life that I heard the voice of a radio was the voice of Radio Yerevan’s one hour program in Kurdish. At the time, my mother tongue Kurdish was totally forbidden so we used to listen to the program in secret. The radio has had a big impact on my childhood and my early memories of storytelling. The stories that I heard from the airwaves carried me later to filmmaking. Telling a story only with the sound and voices inspired me a lot as a storyteller. Radio always appears in my films as an element of the story and in the world of my characters.  As a sign of gratitude to those memories; I’ve initiated Helsinki Open Waves for all languages.


Sophie Deligiannaki


Sophie Deligiannaki (b.1989, Athens). Radio was my childhood companion. It was fascinating to learn how to make images through sound and voices without the limitations of ready-made images. Sound and voices that I heard from radio inspired and enhanced my childhood imagination and creativity. Radio shows with extensive tributes to theater, poetry and music have cultivated the quality of ‘what is the radio culture for me’  in a way of how radio art has been communicating from time to time with many difficulties, but in a more poetic, melancholic and sincere way. I'm happy to be part of Helsinki Open Waves which aims to bring different languages together without geographical boundaries.


"‘Throwing words into the air’ — this is what O'odham says about talking, storytelling, praying, singing — all of which make up the genre of oral tradition. The words are thrown into the air in the form of spoken word, song, oration, or invocation. Words, like other things that can be carried by the air, are at the mercy of the winds. The listener who happens to be on the receiving end of these words is also at the mercy of the winds." Ofelia Zepeda

Helsinki Open Waves (HOW) is a translingual non-profit, community strength art platform that provides rent-free space and tools for all languages where people can create for themselves, and represent themselves with their own languages and cultures in order to contribute to a more diverse society without borders. Within this platform, we explore, rethink, and reimagine new ways for a translingual society to challenge the hegemony of monolingualism.

“Humanity today is facing a massive extinction: languages are disappearing at an unprecedented pace. And when that happens, a unique vision of the world is lost. With every language that dies we lose an enormous cultural heritage; the understanding of how humans relate to the world around us; scientific, medical, and botanical knowledge; and most importantly, we lose the expression of communities’ humor, love, and life. In short, we lose the testimony of centuries of life.” Endangered Languages Project

The loss of languages, which is one of the cornerstones of cultures and identity, comes to mean the loss of many memories and human experiences. Helsinki Open Waves(HOW) supports and acknowledges language revitalization in the first place and works actively against the devitalization of the languages.

Helsinki Open Waves (HOW) intends to create an alternative space for all languages that are currently spoken in Finland or in any part of our planet. It  provides the rent-free  sound equipment and the facilities at its performance & recording room located at CAISA for those who want to produce their own audio pieces.

Helsinki Open Waves (HOW) is open for people who want to perform Radio Art, Sound Art, Transmission Art activities and other artistic projects which can be transmitted on the airwaves as well as for artists’ experiments with broadcast media and the airwaves.

There are a number of themes introduced each month regarding different topics. You can choose your preferred topics and send your proposals via the Open Call page on the Helsinki Open Waves (HOW) website.

Helsinki Open Waves (HOW) provides:

*Rent-free sound recording equipment.

*Rent-free studio facilities at its "performance & recording room” located at Kulttuurikeskus CAISA.

*The TEOSTO license for the recorded & live streamings via the HOW website only.

*Technical supervisor for your recordings, editing, mixing, and live streamings.

*Full support for you to produce your own work with your full artistic independence, and you own all the copyrights of your works.

*Visibility for your work by promoting on the HOW social media platforms and exhibiting on the HOW website.

Helsinki Open Waves (HOW) does not broadcast any content that is sexist, xenophobic, homophobic, or contains any other form of othering towards oppressed communities or languages. We do not support any content that uses propaganda tools to promote a religion or a political party.

Helsinki Open Waves (HOW)’s performance & recording room is supported and located at CAISA: http://www.caisa.fi 


If you have any suggestions or want to discuss potential collaborations with Helsinki Open Waves(HOW), please contact us: helsinkiopenwaves@gmail.com


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