Helsinki Open Waves (HOW) launching its pilot version / Open call for proposals

April 24, 2020
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Helsinki Open Waves (HOW) launching its pilot version on 16th of June 2020 from 3 pm- 6 pm (Helsinki time).

Welcome to join us virtually and listen to our first pilot LIVE contents and performances via our website We will be performing from Helsinki Open Waves (HOW) performance & recording room at Kulttuurikeskus-CAISA.

Helsinki Open Waves is a translingual non-profit, open platform that aims to design and initiate a new sustainable space for all the languages. People who live in Finland represent themselves with their own language and culture in order to contribute to a more diverse society. Within this platform, we explore new ways for a translingual society to challenge the hegemony of monolingualism.

“During human history, we have been moving and changing places constantly; without moving and changing places humankind can’t survive, none of the entities can. Whenever we move, we always carry our languages and words with us which creates unique encounters. And as O’odham says we keep ‘throwing words into the air.’”, explains Erol Mintas, founder of the Helsinki Open Waves.

Helsinki Open Waves (HOW) is founded and produced by  Erol Mintas and curated and produced by Sophie Deligiannaki, both are artists who are also sound art and radio art enthusiasts and based in Helsinki. 

Helsinki Open Waves (HOW) as a translingual open platform, acts as a public/community artwork by transferring/experimenting it through communication and transmission as a poetic and artistic form. 

I feel like all the languages carry some part of our common memory and the history of our kind and our planet with all kinds of entities, even though we can’t understand and speak all of them, it’s very important to carry them for the future. Giving a chance to everyone to create something in ones own languages gives more courage to step forward and feel as being part of a society where you can contribute actively. Also, discovering the other voices that exist in society gives a strong sense of understanding diversity in a way that is totally organic and natural,” states Mintas.

There are a number of themes introduced each month regarding different topics. The applicants or participants can choose their preferred topics and send proposals to  Helsinki Open Waves, via the Open Call page on the Helsinki Open Waves website. During the pilot version of the platform, the Open Call also will be a pilot version.

“Each month is curated  around different themes to create a dialogue between participants, performers and people who are engaged in Helsinki Open Waves. They can connect and exchange through the agency of these themes. Every year our themes change, and of course everyone can send proposals regardless of their backgrounds.” states Sophie Deligiannaki, the curator of Helsinki Open Waves. 

Helsinki Open Waves (HOW) is open to all languages and people to express themselves with the aim to rethink and reimagine a translingual society without borders. Helsinki Open Waves will not broadcast any content that is sexist, xenophobic, homophobic or contains any other form of othering towards minority communities or languages. We do not support any content that uses propaganda tools to promote a religion or political party.

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